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oudoir by Olin is Sacramento's premier boudoir studio, but we shoot clients all from all over the country. Through a passion for photography and a desire to help women discover their inner and outer beauty, we have cultivated a strong belief in

— Saul Steinberg

A beautiful woman can be painted as a totem only; not as a woman, but as a Madonna, a queen, a sphinx.

experience boudoir by olin

helping women to truly believe in their beauty and themselves. At Boudoir by Olin, we provide professional hair and makeup services not to make you look better, but to help you see that you are gorgeous.

It’s not about how you look but rather how you feel about the way you look. Confidence is truly a beautiful thing. Confidence is what we all need. Confidence, self acceptance and personality is what we bring out in the women we photograph. You are perfect now. It is our job to coach and find the model within you that has been there all along.

Some of us forget what it’s like to feel beautiful and strong along the way. We get to busy with our lives, our family & our jobs.

This experience is for you to feel that again… because you truly are perfect right now.

to feel comfortable in your own skin

it's time....



i there! I am Caroline and I am passionate about women and being a woman. My good friends call me Olin. I am passionate about capturing the female form at its finest and most fierce.

I have been doing photography for over 10 years. Boudoir is so precious to me because I love helping women feel better about themselves, inside and out. We all struggle with self image, and I want to help women overcome as much of that as I can. I love the WOW factor. I love delivering images to women and having them say, "I can't believe that's me! I have never felt so beautiful in my entire life!" It means so much to me to be able to offer that to women, and that women of all ages trust me to provide them with this experience.

I have an all female team that is ready to show you how gorgeous you are. I welcome you to my personally designed, beautiful studio just for boudoir. 

You don't need to lose 15 pounds to do a session with me. You don't need to be Beyonce curvy. You just need to be you. Have fun. And enjoy this moment. You won't regret it!!

— Audrey Hepburn



 Boudoir technically is a French word which means 'a woman's dressing room or bedroom', but I like to think of it as just a fancy word for women's intimate portraiture. Boudoir is NOT pornographic. Boudoir can be fun, flirty, beautiful, cute, sexy, feminine, intimate, candid, posed, or really anything else you want it to be. If you have not already joined our private VIP group on Facebook, I highly suggest that you do!

Maybe the idea of a boudoir session doesn't sound like an important thing for you- but I would argue that it *can* indeed be, and in numerous ways! While a boudoir session doesn't replace some good old fashioned therapy for any body image issues you may have, it for sure can help!! I LOVE showing women how beautiful they are. There are so many things that hold us back from seeing and feeling how stunning we really all are. From societal pressure, the ridiculous way we are all supposed to fit into standard clothing sizes (who else has felt their self esteem deflate in a dressing room??), body changes due to having a baby, or even a change in medication, I mean...the list goes on, right? We DESERVE to feel as beautiful as we really are. A boudoir session can help with breaking through all that crap! I know it can be nerve wreaking before a session, and even feel like it's going to be the opposite of this, but I promise you once you get in the groove of your session that will change. I don't know how many times I've heard these things during or after a session: "Damn, I look good!", "I was so nervous, but this was SO fun and empowering!", "Holy what?? That's me!"

Not only can boudoir sessions help you with any body image issues, but they can also be incredibly empowering. Even if you are booking with the intention of it being a sexy gift for your love, it's also something you are doing for yourself. You are choosing to get sexy in front of another person that you may not know well, and in front of a camera, and own it. That takes some guts, and is powerful. YOU are powerful, and that's part of how badass of a beauty you are. 

Tap into that foxy goddess ladies- it's in there and it's time to own it and show it off! 

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Where do i start?

Once you arrive, I will go through your wardrobe and plan out your shoot. If your session includes hair and makeup, our professional hair and makeup artist will be ready to create the perfect look you’re going for! All you need to do it show up! Together, we will create a variety of looks within your session. I will use flattering lighting, show you all the poses and of course, retouch (more on that later). I will pose you from the angles of your head the whole way down to your fingertips! As you can see there's nothing to worry about, we've got you covered!

With our all female staff you're in good hands, and we can't wait for your shoot! Once you book your shoot, we’ll send you a fun questionnaire where you can tell us exactly the look you’re going for! The day of your shoot, I will be prepared to create the perfect look for you!

hair & make up

Professional hair and makeup is such an essential part of the boudoir photography experience; it can make or break your photo shoot and that’s why we only work with the best makeup and hair artist! Leah, our professional hair/makeup stylists that we've worked with for years is highly experienced. Not only does she know how to give you the perfect look you’re wanting, but most importantly they know how to do makeup for the particular lighting and retouching techniques we use.

Do you have a specific look in mind? In addition to your questionnaire, feel free to create a Pinterest board and send us the link!




We have put together this gallery of Before and After photos to illustrate how much professional makeup can help. We would also like to point out that we only photograph real women and not models. Through our posing, lighting, editing and creativity, we are able to accentuate the beauty of all our clients.

what should i wear?

One of the most common concerns about doing a boudoir shoot is, what will I wear? I ask our clients to bring 3-6 different looks, depending on their session type and not including jerseys or button downs. Jersey's are cute, but not cute enough to shoot a whole set in. Also remember to bring a variety of items. A good rule of thumb is, if you would not wear it to work then it is probably perfect for your shoot!

When you book, you will start to receive a bunch of emails, spaced out from the time you book to the date of your shoot. It will include a guide that lists our favorite websites and also has information about different types of lingerie. However, It is very important that you bring your wardrobe so you know it fits you properly. Fit is SO important. We can not fix ill fitting lingerie in Photoshop.

If you have lots of ideas and outfits and you’re having trouble narrowing them down then I always recommend you bring it all! It is better to have too much than not enough.

Client closet


ur client closet is available to all  to use. We invite our special ladies to take a peek into our collection. We frequently add to and update our client closet.

The closet is stocked with gorgeous bodysuits and pieces ranging in sizes from S - 6XL (we do not carry pieces with cup sizes). We also keep a selection of shoes in sizes 6-10 as well as accessories, kimono's, robes and jackets. We regularly add to the client closet with new pieces that are on trend. Please note that we cannot promise the availability of specific pieces

Each piece is cleaned after each use to ensure that all our pieces are hygienic for all our clients. The client closet is a great solution for ladies wanting to add that extra bit of something to their outfits. 

when you want that extra touch


I have photographed women of all shapes and sizes. I will tell you everything to do, from the angles of your head the whole way to your toes. You don’t need to worry about a thing, you just need to simply show up for your session.

I have years of training in posing to ensure that you are always posed in the most flattering ways and under the most flattering lighting. Once it’s time for your shoot I will just ask you to do simple things such as: “bring that shoulder towards me, bring your chin forward a bit, now look up at me with your eyes, put your hand here, etc.” It’s super simple and again you don’t need to do anything to prepare for this.


"Do you use Photoshop?" This is the number one question we are asked. The answer is "YES". You can rest at ease knowing that we’ve been in business for a long time and our customers love how we do this! You will still be YOU, just a retouched glamorous version of you!

- Pimple removal
- Under eye bag removal
- Stray hair in face removal
- Skin lines/wrinkle smoothing
- Light cellulite softening
- Light tan line softening
- Light body contouring



- Teeth & eye whitening
- Bra strap removal
- Undergarments removal
- Cellulite removal
- Tan line removal
- Tattoo removal
- Body slimming

10 reasons why you should have a boudoir session

1. You will look and feel amazing.
2. It makes a great gift for your groom/spouse/partner/significant other!
3. It makes absolutely the best gift for yourself!
4. You deserve it
5. You get to go shopping and pamper yourself.
6. Make it a girl's day out.
7. It will empower you and show you how incredible you really are
8. It's a great way to celebrate a milestone
9. You have a beautiful record of how amazing you looked
10. It's so much fun!! And it'll shock everyone, including you!

change the way you see yourself
change the way you talk to yourself

it's time....


To reserve your date, first pay your $170 retainer fee and schedule your shoot online or call us at (415) 513-5761. Once you pay your retainer fee, we will send you an online contract and take care of the rest. We frequently book 3-4 months in advance, so plan ahead. If you are just finding us and need your shoot asap, drop us an email. We try our best to fit everyone in and you may be in luck, we can sometimes squeeze ladies in!

On the day of your shoot, we will go through your wardrobe and plan out your shoot. If your session includes hair and makeup, you will start in hair and makeup. This will take about an hour to an hour and a half. while you are in hair and makeup, After you are done in hair and makeup, we begin your photo session.

Soon after, you will have your photo reveal session. That is when you will see your gorgeous images and make your purchasing decisions.

Albums and wall art will be delivered within 4-6 weeks.

If you pay in full at your reveal session your order will be placed the following morning. We take credit cards and also offer no interest payment plans. If you choose this option, your images will be delivered after your plan is paid in full. If you purchase wall art or albums, you will receive your final order in 4-6 weeks or less.

Little black books starts at $1799. That is for a 5x5 book with 10 images and the investment goes up from there. Some clients spend $1999, most spend more than that and a few spend several thousand. What a client ends up investing depends on many things including, how many images you want, what type of album you want, if you want wall art or digital files. Every client is unique.

editing & fine finishing

At Boudoir By Olin, we believe in celebrating your natural beauty. However, we understand that each woman has their own individual preferences and we offer a choice in your editing level. 

We will select the best images from your session for your viewing. At that point, you will be able to choose your preferred level of editing for your finished products. We offer two levels of complimentary editing levels for you. 

The LIGHT edit is the natural finish. It includes minimal skin retouching. Light wrinkles, spots and folds will show in your photos. 

choose your editing level




The MEDIUM edit is a more polished finished with medium level skin retouching. It will diminish wrinkles, fine lines, light scars and cellulite. 

The HIGH edit is a custom editing level that can be requested at a fee per image during your reveal session. It can include tattoo removal, body shaping stray hair and minimize harsh tan lines. 

Any other edit needs are available at an additional fee. 

Our goal with your editing is for you to completely love your photos and we will work with you every step of the way.




mini boudoir video


he mini boudoir video is our ultimate specialty gift, it takes your boudoir photos to life. The mini boudoir video is specially crafted just for you to show your sensual side in motion.

The mini boudoir video requires extra time and crafting, so please let us know well before your session if yo are interested in the mini boudoir video. Each mini boudoir video is unique and specific to our client.

the ultimate boudoir gift

Alley Set


he wild alley set is available as an additional set to any of our clients prepaying $3000 and above. Our alley set is one of most coveted sets and is ready to Rock n Roll!
*Does not include motorcycle.

make it wild

Shower Set


he exclusive shower set is available as an additional set to any of our Couture and clients prepaying $2000 and above. Our in studio shower set guarantees steamy sexiness without you getting wet at all!

make it steamy



he darkroom set is available as an additional set to any of our clients prepaying $4000 and above. Our darkroom set is our sexiest set and guaranteed to get you some amazingly sensual photos!
*Does not include motorcycle.

make it wild



he refreshing white sheet set is available as an additional set to any of our Couture and clients prepaying $4000 and above. Our in white sheet set provides you with an amazing clean and white canvas for your boudoir photos.


Let's chat real quick about your payment options

A few days after you book your session, you will receive more in depth information about our offered payment options, but right now, let's chat really quickly about the different payment options we offer! 

Some ladies choose to utilize Paypal credit, which is a convenient payment system. We also have options for Pre-Purchasing your Collection, Pre-Session Payment Plans, Paying in Full at your Image Reveal & Design Appointment and/or the Post Session Payment Plan.

Every client is offered a Pre-Session Payment Plan that can start as early as the day they book their session and can extend until the week prior to their session. 

We are more than happy to craft a custom plan for your payment options, your happiness and satisfaction is our utmost goal. We love working with each lady so that they walk away with their dream products in hand that beautifully shows off their boudoir portraits.

90% of our ladies opt for the prepayment plan.


exclusive Products To Choose before Your Boudoir Session


slideshow book

12 month calendar


Additional Accessories

Bondage Accessories

Our additional accessories are the perfect add on's for your sessions to make it more fun, special and unique just for you. We are sure to match your personality and boudoir vision with our additional accessories. We continue to add more to our collection, so check back frequently.

the perfect little add on's for your sessions

studio wings

wet tshirt


feather wings

body chains


Studio Products


nce your session is finished you’ll have so many fantastic options for preserving these one-of-a-kind images.

You’re not buying images for anyone but yourself, so you have an opportunity to splurge! Here are a few of our favorites.

Prints are sassy statement accessories for his bedside table, his office, your private bathroom or bedroom dresser. Albums are ur most popular keepsake, we love to offer our clients heirloom quality albums. Customizable and personalized, they are the perfect way to showcase your imagery. Wall canvas are a great way to show off in a big way with a gorgeous, ready-to-hang canvas. After all, you look amazing!

Luxury Gifts For Yourself


• Weekend session

The diva’s in the details.

Our Boudoir Sessions includes photography time with our photographer, 4 outfits, weekdays in our Sacramento studio and includes professional make up and hair by our trusted stylist. All sessions include client closet access, styling and outfit selection assistance,  lingerie guide, custom album design, beautiful images lightly retouched and a complementary in person reveal and product ordering sales session after your session in our boutique studio so you can preview your images and select your products privately. We will guide you through the product selection process so you can have the right products suited to your needs. Prints and products purchased separately. All sessions require a $400 pre payment that is due 3 weeks before your session date. 

optional Session add on's


• Additional outfit/time

• Additional sets

need more info?

If you've made it this far and are ready to take the next step, let's get on the phone and chat so we can discuss the remaining information necessary to book a session with our studio.

Can't wait to chat with you soon!

let's get all the details!

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have more questions?

we have more answers for you!

where are you located?

Our studio is located at 1515 N C Street in Downtown Sacramento. We have a meticulously designed space with amazing lighting, multiple set ups, a makeup and wardrobe area, and a fabulous sales area full of samples and a large flat screen from which you will view your images during your reveal. Our studio is FULL of gorgeous natural light, hardwood floors, and hand selected decor in our historic brick building.


I actually believe that boudoir is the best gift you can give YOURSELF, to capture your essence as you are now. When you need a reminder of the strong, beautiful woman that you are, you will have a collection of amazing portraits to look upon. I love it when women come to me for themselves. The images we create together will boost your self esteem and your confidence, and that should be celebrated by YOU! It will help you reclaim your femininity, your sexuality, two things that are often lost as we get consumed with our lives, our jobs, our families. Put that pep back in your step, and reflect on the bodacious babe you are. Celebrate the body that you live in!

i don't look like the women in your portfolio

There is no such thing as the perfect body. You are never too big, too small, too old, too young (well, I only accept boudoir clients who are 18+) to do a boudoir session. Boudoir is for every BODY. Let me show you.

can you make me look thinner?

I want to help you feel beautiful now, just the way you are. We flatter you with hair and makeup styling, a wardrobe that compliments your figure, and amazing lighting and posing techniques to highlight your best ass-sets (see what I did there?). I do not believe in heavy photoshopping. Don't get me wrong, we will gladly remove all of your bruises and pimples, but we don't want to over manipulate your body to make you look like someone you are not. We already live in a time where we are consumed with unrealistic bodies in the media, I want to show you that you are beautiful at this very moment.

so how does this work?

the process

what type of sessions do you offer?

I offer 45 minute Signature Sessions with 4 outfits, hair and make up at $400. Sessions take place weekdays in our Sacramento studio. Additionally, I offer 1 hour Couture sessions with hair and make up in your home or selected location anywhere in the world. Most ladies opt for a Signature Session. We can discuss this more during our phone chat, so let's schedule one!

what's the process?

Your location and duration of session will depend on the type of session you choose! I am going to pose you from head to pointed toe, and help you with a variety of facial expressions! Prepare to be sore after your session, we do a LOT of bending and twisting (it's quite the workout!). It's super fun and you'll walk out of the studio feeling amazing. I photograph studio sessions on weekdays.

Two weeks after the session you will return to the studio for your Image Reveal & Ordering Appointment! We will select which images you would like to purchase and how you would like to display them at home! Ordering appointments take approximately 1-1.5 hours. Come prepared to pay in full at your viewing session unless you are taking advantage of our payment plans (more info on this coming to you soon!). 


You will receive your images in about 4-6 weeks once your final payment is processed! We usually drop ship everything directly to you in order to keep this process as simple as possible. We do not offer online galleries or multiple appointments for your reveal, all ordering decisions must be made at your reveal appointment.


Our studio books up 4-6 months in advance and our printed products can take up to 8 weeks for delivery. If you have a special occasion coming up or wish to book a holiday appointment, I recommend booking 12 months in advance of that date.


A non refundable retainer is required to reserve a space. You can schedule a phone call to book your session or do so online using our online booking calendar

Can my partner/friend/mom come to my ordering appointment?

Absolutely, we love it if you bring cheerleaders! The more the merrier! Partners, friends and mothers are however NOT allowed at your session.


Some ladies just get a basic album, others come to me, want it all and invest several thousands on a collection. Keep in mind what you spend is up to you. You can purchase from our Collection Menu or the A La Carte Menu, both will be sent to you following the completion of your booking process. 

How can I pay for the Session Fee and Image Purchase? 

Many of my clients utilize PayPal Credit to pay for their collection, and for those who do not qualify I offer in-house financing payment options. You are always welcome to pay in full with cash or credit/debit cards.

Caroline’s boudoir team is an all female team that has been hand picked by Caroline herself to produce a luxury fine art boudoir portraiture studio. We look forward to providing you with an empowering boudoir experience.

the team


Her good friends call her Olin. She believes that all women should embrace their body and feminity. She loves to laugh, giggle with her clients, have fun and eat sushi and cupcakes. She loves showing women how beautiful they are.

Emalie, our associate boudoir photographer, will be your biggest cheerleader during your session. Making women feel beautiful and confident is her number one goal. Her other passions are acting and spending time in nature!



Amaya, our client concierge, will be guiding and assisting you every step of the way through your image reveal and all the way until you receive your products. She loves the color green, cats and miniature items. 

Ellie, our client experience specialist is here to assist with all your questions. She is the voice you hear on the other end of the line. Ellie was also a client herself and understands the journey a client has with us. Her other passions are her daughters and baking!


Marisol, our editor and product designer is here to help you with everything you need. She works closely with Caroline on all your editing so that we can keep all our editing in-house and personal. Her other passion is her family and photography.


Brooke, our amazing studio coordinator will welcome you to the studio. She is the happy face in our Private Group and the voice you hear on the other end of the line during your pre-session consultation calls. Her other passion is her dog, Winnie


Kayla, our  studio manager, makes sure everything goes smoothly here in the studio. She will gladly help you with any questions you have about your session. Her other passions are thrifting and camping.


Jarelene, our social media maven is the maestro on our social media accounts. Be sure to slide into our DM's and say hi to her especially if you have a request for specific content you would like to see on our socials!



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Phone: [888] 518-6575


EMAIL: INFO@boudoirbyolin.COM


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