You're a woman, use it. Celebrate it, love it!




We provide women with so much more than just beautiful boudoir images.
We have created an atmosphere for ALL women to freely be who they are, embrace their sultry side and reignite that spark of self-love and confidence.

Women decide to treat themselves to a Boudoir Experience for many different reasons. Some are getting married and some are celebrating a special occasion or milestone in their lives. While others are doing it solely for themselves which is our favorite reason!

Even if you are wanting to create a special gift for someone you love,
this is the ULTIMATE gift to yourself.

We have been specializing in Boudoir Photography for ALL Women with a studio dedicated EXCLUSIVELY for Boudoir. We have had the honor of over hundreds women, of every shape, size and age, grace our studio and create gorgeous Artwork.

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hello beautiful


We would LOVE to have you in our studio! Women decide to treat themselves to a Boudoir Experience for many different reasons. Some are getting married and some are celebrating a special occasion or milestone in their lives. While others are doing it solely for themselves which is our favorite reason! 

— Saul Steinberg

A beautiful woman can be painted as a totem only; not as a woman, but as a Madonna, a queen, a sphinx.

experience boudoir by olin

A Boudoir Experience is more than just pretty pictures, it's about self-confidence, self-love and Empowerment.

Even if you are wanting to create a special gift for someone you love,
this is the ULTIMATE gift to yourself.

We have been specializing EXCLUSIVELY in Boudoir Photography for ALL Women. We have had the honor of hundreds of women, of every shape, size and age, grace our studio and create gorgeous Artwork.

Your Session takes place in our private, studio in Sacramento that has been designed specifically for boudoir and hosts a variety of sets providing our clients with an incredible & diverse gallery of images that can range from bright, airy and romantic to dark, sultry and moody.

It's a variety you won't find anywhere else in Sacramento 


 Boudoir technically is a French word which means 'a woman's dressing room or bedroom', but I like to think of it as just a fancy word for women's intimate portraiture. Boudoir is NOT pornographic. Boudoir can be fun, flirty, beautiful, cute, sexy, feminine, intimate, candid, posed, or really anything else you want it to be. If you have not already joined our private VIP group on Facebook, I highly suggest that you do!

Maybe the idea of a boudoir session doesn't sound like an important thing for you- but I would argue that it *can* indeed be, and in numerous ways! While a boudoir session doesn't replace some good old fashioned therapy for any body image issues you may have, it for sure can help!! I LOVE showing women how beautiful they are. There are so many things that hold us back from seeing and feeling how stunning we really all are. From societal pressure, the ridiculous way we are all supposed to fit into standard clothing sizes (who else has felt their self esteem deflate in a dressing room??), body changes due to having a baby, or even a change in medication, I mean...the list goes on, right? We DESERVE to feel as beautiful as we really are. A boudoir session can help with breaking through all that crap! I know it can be nerve wreaking before a session, and even feel like it's going to be the opposite of this, but I promise you once you get in the groove of your session that will change. I don't know how many times I've heard these things during or after a session: "Damn, I look good!", "I was so nervous, but this was SO fun and empowering!", "Holy what?? That's me!"

Not only can boudoir sessions help you with any body image issues, but they can also be incredibly empowering. Even if you are booking with the intention of it being a sexy gift for your love, it's also something you are doing for yourself. You are choosing to get sexy in front of another person that you may not know well, and in front of a camera, and own it. That takes some guts, and is powerful. YOU are powerful, and that's part of how badass of a beauty you are. 

Tap into that foxy goddess ladies- it's in there and it's time to own it and show it off! 



to feel comfortable in your own skin

it's time....

Caroline’s boudoir team is an all female team that has been hand picked by Caroline herself to produce a luxury fine art boudoir portraiture studio. We look forward to providing you with an empowering boudoir experience.

the team


Her good friends call her Olin. She believes that all women should embrace their body and feminity. She loves to laugh, giggle with her clients, have fun and eat sushi and cupcakes. She loves showing women how beautiful they are.

Emalie, our associate boudoir photographer, will be your biggest cheerleader during your session. Making women feel beautiful and confident is her number one goal. Her other passions are acting and spending time in nature!



Amaya, our client concierge, will be guiding and assisting you every step of the way through your image reveal and all the way until you receive your products. She loves the color green, cats and miniature items. 

Ellie, our client experience specialist is here to assist with all your questions. She is the voice you hear on the other end of the line. Ellie was also a client herself and understands the journey a client has with us. Her other passions are her daughters and baking!


Marisol, our editor and product designer is here to help you with everything you need. She works closely with Caroline on all your editing so that we can keep all our editing in-house and personal. Her other passion is her family and photography.


Brooke, our amazing studio coordinator will welcome you to the studio. She is the happy face in our Private Group and the voice you hear on the other end of the line during your pre-session consultation calls. Her other passion is her dog, Winnie


Kayla, our  studio manager, makes sure everything goes smoothly here in the studio. She will gladly help you with any questions you have about your session. Her other passions are thrifting and camping.


Jarelene, our social media maven is the maestro on our social media accounts. Be sure to slide into our DM's and say hi to her especially if you have a request for specific content you would like to see on our socials!


the ultimate experience 

A chance to speak with our team over the phone about your session desires and plan out all the details.

Our online planning guides to help you get ready for your shoot, complete with wardrobe guidance and checklists.

Our in-house stylists will provide the styling services included with your session on the day of your shoot.

After hair and makeup is complete, you’ll shoot with us in our downtown Sacramento portrait studio and we’ll walk you through every pose and expression. We promise these will be the best photos you’ve ever had of yourself!

Two weeks after your shoot, you’ll be able to view all of the images that were taken and choose your favorites. We will guide you through the selection process, and help you decide on the best printed products for you.

all sessions include

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We are located in Downtown Sacramento, California
1515 N C Street, Sacramento

We are located in Downtown Sacramento.
Our studio is a 1000 sqft boudoir playground with over 10 unique sets providing our clients with an incredible & diverse gallery of images that can range from bright, airy and romantic to dark, sultry and moody.

It's a variety you won't find anywhere else in Northern California!


Yes mam we do!! Hair and Makeup is included with our Petite and Signature sessions complimentary!
Every woman is perfect just the way she is but who doesn’t enjoy being pampered for the day! Your session will start in our Hair and Makeup chair with one of our amazingly talented professional artists. You can simply relax with a water or a mimosa if you choose and enjoy the experience while they take care of everything! 

what to wear

Your options for wardrobe are pretty endless. You do not have to be in a bra and panty set or a traditional “lingerie” set for every outfit. There’s a ton of options from sets, to teddies, to bodysuits, cardigans, cut off shirts, sexy skirt etc. Our main Gallery is also a wonderful resource for inspiration because we have waaaaaay too many images in it!

Nudes!! You absolutely do not have to be nude for any of your session but I will say it is one of the most liberating experiences and always end up being a client favorite! Your session is tailored to your comfort level!

After booking every client receives access to our Session Prepping Page with a Outfit Guide and  Lingerie Guide and also places to shop!

Additionally, any of our clients on a prepayment plan have access to our Client Closet


Nope! How covered or uncovered you are during your session is completely 100% up to you. This is all about pushing you out of your comfort zone but ALWAYS within your comfort limits. Nudes are are one of the most liberating experience you can have and always done in an artistic and tasteful way. 

every day to slay

We have put together this gallery of Before and After photos to illustrate how much professional makeup can help. We would also like to point out that we only photograph real women and not models. Through our posing, lighting, editing and creativity, we are able to accentuate the beauty of all our clients.

love notes from our lovely ladies

Hear from our clients, what they thought about their session and what they loved about it! Watch their glow and confidence after their empowering session.

The boudoir experience Process

Step One | Book your Session
No obligation consultations are always available before booking!

You can book your package online or call the office Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm. You can also call or text us  at (916) 634-1528.

We schedule sessions Monday- Friday at 10am & 1:30pm. Our Friday are always the first to book and schedule out months in advance.

If you need your order back by a specific date, please schedule at least 6-8 weeks ahead of that date.

Step Two | Session Day
Get ready girlfriend because session day is more fun than you will ever expect! You will arrive to the studio at your scheduled time and you will start by spending some time being pampered by one of our amazingly talented hair and makeup artists. They will talk with you about the look you want and walk you through everything they are doing. Next we will start laying out the wardrobe that you brought, talking about your favorites and your must shoot pieces helping you choose the perfect pieces to photograph.

Step Three | The Session - Once you are done, the real fun begins!
We will turn up the music and start the session. You don’t have to know how any of this works! Olin will coach and direct you through every step of the session from facial expressions to your fingers to your toes. Olin will get into the pose, show you the pose and help you get into the pose.

Step Four | Reveal & Ordering Session
Your Reveal Session is an event all itself!
This is where we present your images and you can make your decisions.
You will view your gorgeous fully edited images, choose your favorites and place your order. 

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Ready to  take the next step? Time for you to take the plunge!


consultation & how to book

Schedule a phone call to book a session. Ellie and Kayla, your Boudoir By Olin Concierge girls, are always here to answer your questions via email, text or during your phone consultation to ensure that you have all the information and that you have the best experience possible from beginning to end. 

Consultations are complimentary and take around 15-20 minutes.

You can also call or text us straight away M-F 10am to 5PM at (916) 634-1528.


• Weekend session
• Additional outfit/15 minutes
• Additional make up look
• Additional sets/accessories

The diva’s in the details.

a note on retouching

petite session

• Up to 30 minutes
• Up to 3 outfits Photographed
• Client Closet Access
• In our petite Sacramento studio
• By Emalie
• Professional makeup and hair by our stylist
• Weekdays
• Minimum investment of $400
• Online reveal 2 weeks after your session


• A call to discuss your vision
• Styling and outfit guidance
• Lingerie & getting ready guide
• Client closet access
• Posing & guidance by your photographer
• Beautiful images lightly retouched
• Prints and products purchased separately
• A complementary reveal and product ordering sales session after your session so you can preview your images and select your products privately. We will guide you through the product selection process so you can have the right products suited to your needs

all sessions include

optional Session upgrades


We happily offer basic retouching on all our photos, which includes smoothing out an area of uneven skin tone or removing a stray hair or acne. We do not, however, provide any body sculpting or major changes because we believe you are beautiful. We offer professional retouching services or a fee of $75 per half hour, including removal of wrinkles or other such details. Any other complicated retouching beyond these services such as tan lines and tattoos shall be billed at $125 per half hour.


Angel Wings, Body Chains, Luxe Robes, Honey Birdette Bondage Collection, Bondage Set, Wet T-Shirt Top Set, White Sheets, Alley Set, Dark Room Set, Shower Set, Outdoor Set

customize your session with

signature session

• Up to 50 minutes
• Up to 5 outfits photographed
• Client Closet Access
• In our large Sacramento studio
• By Olin
• Professional makeup and hair by our stylist
• Weekdays
• Minimum investment of $400
• In person reveal immediately after your session


ready to book a session?

To book your boudoir photo shoot with Boudoir by Olin we require a non refundable retainer that will go towards your session. It does not include any prints or products. You can purchase products separately at your ordering appointment. If a phone call is too much for your schedule, you can conveniently book a session online. However, calling the studio is the best way to find out our current specials. We will contact you to complete your booking and schedule your session. We can't wait to work with you!

let's get you on our calendar

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All of our work is 100% guaranteed. In all our years of photographing boudoir, all our ladies have been absolutely thrilled. If you are not thrilled with your portraits, we will offer a re-shoot or your session fee back. No worries, no hard feelings, just simplicity!

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Pre Session must do's

 All sessions require a $400 pre payment that goes towards your final product purchase and is due 2 weeks before your scheduled session date. You will also be given the option to sign up for a prepayment plan. We happily gift all clients a 5x7 desktop metal print for starting their prepayment plan 2 weeks after booking their session.

Studio Products


nce your session is finished you’ll have so many fantastic options for preserving these one-of-a-kind images.

You’re not buying images for anyone but yourself, so you have an opportunity to splurge! Here are a few of our favorites.

Prints are sassy statement accessories for his bedside table, his office, your private bathroom or bedroom dresser. Albums are ur most popular keepsake, we love to offer our clients heirloom quality albums. Customizable and personalized, they are the perfect way to showcase your imagery. Wall canvas are a great way to show off in a big way with a gorgeous, ready-to-hang canvas. After all, you look amazing!

Luxury Gifts For Yourself


Luxury Products To Choose After Your Boudoir Session

wall art





Prints are offered in a luster finish mounted on thick white board with a protective luster coating. Framed sizes differ slightly due to framing constraints.

digital images

Purchase of all digital images includes a gift of one waived future session fee.

Purchased digital images will be lightly retouched and will be delivered via digital download.


• 16x24 Framed and Matted Masterpiece Deckled Edge Art Print $2500
• Collection or 4 12x18 Prints In Floating Acrylic Frames $2500








10 Images 5x5 Little Black Layflat Book

Wall art available in loose or mounted prints, canvas, metal or framed prints and includes master retouching. Prints up to specified sizes

gift prints

1 Gift Print
2-8 Gift prints


Gift prints are available in loose or mounted luster print. Gift prints are 8x10 or smaller

1 digital images
20 digital images
all digital images


Let's chat real quick about your payment options

A few days after you book your session, you will receive more in depth information about our offered payment options, but right now, let's chat really quickly about the different payment options we offer! 

Some ladies choose to utilize Paypal credit, which is a convenient payment system. We also have options for Pre-Purchasing your Collection, Pre-Session Payment Plans, Paying in Full at your Image Reveal & Design Appointment and/or the Post Session Payment Plan.

Every client is offered an in house Pre-Session Payment Plan that can start as early as the day they book their session and can extend until the week prior to their session.  Contribute on a Bi-Weekly or Monthly basis leading up to your session and apply your credit balance to your order with no fees.

Clients on our Pre-Session Payment Plans enjoy Pre-Payment gifts and perks.

Available at your Reveal Session, enroll in our interest-free for a $100 admin fee. A minimum payment is due at the Reveal and the remaining balance can be broken into 12 monthly payments.

**NOTE - We do not release any images or products until the order is paid in its entirety. No exceptions.

We are more than happy to craft a custom plan for your payment options, your happiness and satisfaction is our utmost goal. We love working with each lady so that they walk away with their dream products in hand that beautifully shows off their boudoir portraits.


We understand that this is an investment, it's an investment in YOU!
We are happy to provide convenient payment options before or after your session.

financing options

Finance your order through PayPal Credit which offers 0% for 6 months. You can Pre-Apply by clicking  on the logo

When you finance your order, it pays us in full so you receive your order right away! No waiting!

90% of our ladies opt for the prepayment plan.


Many of our ladies book their sessions months in advance and opt to go on the Pre-Payment Plan. By doing this, our ladies are making their monthly payments so that they can immediately choose their products at the Reveal session and receive them as soon as they are delivered in our studio. 

In addition, there are many Pre-Payment perks that come along with being on the Pre-Payment plan such as access to the luxury closet, unique accessories and many special sets.

We highly suggest that you opt for the Prepayment Plan as well once you book your session.



exclusive Products To Choose before Your Boudoir Session


mini accordion

12 month calendar


Unique sets

exclusive sets To add on to Your Boudoir Session

alley set

dark room set

shower set

white sheets set

Client closet


ur client closet is available to all  to use. We invite our special ladies to take a peek into our collection. We frequently add to and update our client closet.

The closet is stocked with gorgeous bodysuits and pieces ranging in sizes from XS-XXXL (we do not carry pieces with cup sizes). We also keep a selection of shoes in sizes 6-10 as well as accessories, kimono's, robes and jackets. We regularly add to the client closet with new pieces that are on trend. Please note that we cannot promise the available of specific pieces

We ask that our ladies bring a pair of nude and black thongs to wear under our garments. Each piece is cleaned after each use to ensure that all our pieces are hygienic for all our clients. The client closet is a great solution for ladies wanting to add that extra bit of something to their outfits. 

when you want that extra touch

Here are some of our favorite lingerie finds. Please note that availability is dependent on each retailer. Hope you enjoy shopping!

Halter Bodysuit

Long Sleeve Bodysuit

Lace Babydoll

Red Floral 3 Piece

Blue Lace Bodysuit

Mesh Bodysuit

White Lace Teddy


Fishnet 2 Piece

Butterfly Bodysuit

surefire winners

favorite outfits

 [  view more outfits on our pinterest  ]

Our Pinterest Board is THE place for all your Boudoir inspiration, from outfit themes to locations and outfits. Be sure to follow our Pinterest to get the best #boudoirinspo

surefire winners



change the way you see yourself
change the way you talk to yourself

it's time....

your privacy

We understand the delicate and intimate nature of what we do and respect all of our client's privacy. Your images are kept in-house and hand-edited by us. If you order an album, the printing companies we use are professional and hold your privacy at the top of their list.

Each and every client is given the choice to either allow us to share their images outside the studio or to keep them 100% private. When the client chooses to keep them private, the images are only seen by us, the client and whomever they choose to share them with. We have a document we go over in person the day of the session either giving permission or declining to keep the images private. It is always 100% up to the client and there is never any pressure from us.

Every image you see on our website, social media, samples etc., we have received permission to share

frequently asked questions

We completely understand the nerves that can go along with a boudoir session. We get that it’s not every day that you call up a complete stranger to take pictures of you wearing lingerie!

If you feel like you have no idea what to do or expect, that is completely normal! We do everything we can to make you feel relaxed and comfortable during your session. We walk you through the entire process and offer all the direction you need. Our clients often walk in feeling nervous, but always leave smiling and commenting on how much fun they had!

We always recommend bringing your own outfits for your session. We do have a client closet and special pieces that act more as accent pieces such as robes, button down sheer shirts etc. We have a collection shoes that all of our clients. If you are looking for different options or ideas for outfits for your session, after booking you will get access to our Session Prepping Page that includes an Outfit and Lingerie Guide and places to shop!

Girl, we got you! We coach and direct you through the entire session! You do not have to know how to pose, how to be sexy or how any of this works. We will coach you from facial expressions to your fingers and toes. We actually get in to the pose to show you what we are after and then help you get into the pose.

We do photograph artistic nudes! All of our nudes are done in a very tasteful and artistic style.

BUT you do not have to be nude for your session at all! Everything is done to your comfort level. We talk about the comfort level/limits with each client before the session. A boudoir session is about pushing you out of your comfort zone but ALWAYS within your comfort limit.

Light retouching includes the removal of blemishes, scrapes, bruises and anything temporary on the skin. Upon request, we will remove scars and stretch marks and smooth out cellulite. We will also do minor body modifications, which we like to call "digital Spanx," where we smooth any bumps and bulges caused by the pose or wardrobe. More retouching can be requested for tattoos at an additional price.

If we had a dollar for every time we heard "I need to lose 5, 10, 15 pounds first" and THEN after sessions we hear "I wish I would have done this sooner and not worried about anything!" We would be able to close down the studio and buy a private island in the Caribbean. So in short, no. Eat the cupcake and have the session. In fact, bring the cupcake to the session.

We recommend booking about 6 weeks in advance for orders needed by a certain date. If we are within 6 weeks of when you need your order please contact us to see if we have the availability for a quicker turnaround.




Ready To Book?

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let's start your boudoir experience


need more info?

If you've made it this far and are ready to take the next step, let's get on the phone and chat so we can discuss the remaining information necessary to book a session with our studio.

Can't wait to chat with you soon!

let's get all the details!

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join our Facebook group

Our Facebook Group is an amazing all female community full of past, present and future clients. Whether you have a session on the books or are still considering a session, we would love to have you as part of our community!

It’s a great place to see sneak peeks of sessions we are working on (with permission of course), get inspiration for you own session, ask questions and get to know more about the studio. All of our members are so supportive! It’s like have over 6,000 bff's.

Members also get exclusive promos, invites to events plus more!

our women only, female friendly facebook group

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Phone: [888] 518-6575


EMAIL: INFO@boudoirbyolin.COM


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